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General transport conditions

Ticket reservation

You can book the ticket at the SPaP-LOD Travel Agency in the building of the Passenger Port during office hours published on, in person or over the phone on the telephone number 0421-2-529 32 226, or through our contractual dealer.

Reservations for programs are accepted unit 48 hours before the cruise at the latest.

Validity of reservation

Validity of reservation is 72 hours since the notification. Within 72 hours it is necessary to send a binding order in writing (with groups of up to 10 persons) or settle the reservation. By settlement of the reservation or sending a written order, the buyer/passenger expresses consent to General and Transport Terms and Conditions of SPaP-LOD, JSC.

All reservations not paid for at least 30 minutes prior to cruise departure are subject to cancellation.

The captain of the ship as the entitled representative of SPaP-LOD, JSC. is entitled to refuse transportation of persons if there is not enough space onboard and refuse provision of accompanying programs without the previous reservation.

Payment terms

Ticket can be purchased

1. Without reservation in advance sale in person at the travel agency SPaP-LOD, JSC.

Passengers are no longer entitled to be issued a ticket 15 minutes before the boat departure.

2. Based on the reservation in person at the travel agency SPaP-LOD, JSC.

Reserved tickets can be purchased up to 30 minutes before the boat departure at the latest. Uncollected reserved tickets expire 30 minutes before the boat departure at the latest if not stated otherwise on the reservation confirmation receipt.

Tickets can be paid for cash, by payment cards VISA and EC/MC cards.

3. Online on

4. Wire transfer to a bank account SPaP-LOD, JSC.

With groups of 10 and more people for hydrofoil cruises with received binding order, buyer/passenger receives a advance payment invoice. The payment is only possible by wire transfer.

5. Under specified terms, onboard after previous reservation at the shipping company.

Discounts and special offers

Discounts and special offers for individual cruises are listed in the timetable next to every cruise. They cannot be combined. Discounts cannot be granted for already issued ticket/voucher, boarding pass.

Change of the cruise date

Change of the cruise date on part of the buyer/passenger after receiving a written order or with already purchased tickets is possible for a fee.

The cruise date can be changed up to 48 hours before the departure of the boat at the latest for a fee € 5.00/person, after that the change is impossible.

Change of the date is possible only after presenting a ticket and tax receipt.


Can be used only on a cruise or trip for which it was issued. Passengers have to keep it during the whole trip. If a passenger is unable to present his valid ticket, he will pay the full price according to the price list plus a fine in the amount of the full fare.

By purchasing the ticket, passengers give their consent to the General Transport Terms and Conditions.

Cancellation conditions

A. For individual passengers (up to 10 persons)       Cancellation charge

  • Cancellation 48 hours prior to departure                  50% of total fare
  • Cancellation 48 hours and less prior to departure  100% of total fare (no refund)
  • No-show                                                                 100% of total fare (no refund)

B. For groups (from 10 persons)                                Cancellation charge

  • Cancellation 30 - 3 days prior to departure               50% of total fare
  • Cancellation within 3 days prior to departure          100% of total fare (no refund)
  • No-show                                                                  100% of total fare (no refund)

Change of number of passengers (reduction of passengers)

  • until 3 days prior to departure:

up to 5 persons                                                           free of charge
every next person                                                       50% cancellation fee

  • within 3 days prior to departure                     100% cancellation fee

Cancellation must be in writing. The delivery date is accepted as the cancellation date.

Tickets purchased online are non-refundable, except cases specified in the General Transport Terms and Conditions (Vis maior).

Refunds of tickets purchased from contractual ticket dealers of SPaP-LOD, JSC. needs to be claimed at the place where the ticket was purchased. Refund is possible only after presentation of a ticket and a tax receipt.


a/ Luggage: A passenger is entitled to take his luggage without payment if it is easy to carry, if it is not submitted to special regulations and if it can not cause damage or dirt to other passengers, to the vessel or its interior:

  • maximum weight 15 kg on a hydrofoil
  • maximum weight 25 kg on a sightseeing boat

The passenger has to pay to the carrier €1,- for every kg of overweight.

b/ Bicycles: Admitted only when the vessel is not fully occupied.

c/ Animals: Passenger can take a dog with them for an additional fare € 3,- provided they do not endanger or inconvenience other passengers or staff. Guide dogs free of charge. A dog must wear a muzzle and its lead must be securely fastened all the time. On international lines official regulations governing animals must be fulfilled. SPaP-LOD, JSC reserves the right to refuse transportation of a dog.

Passangers is obliged to report the transport of a dog when booking a cruise.

d/ Passengers with reduced mobility: Passengers with reduced mobility are carried under the same conditions as other passengers. If necessary, special care for people with reduced mobility when entering or leaving the vessel, please inform staff at the travel agency when booking cruises or before buying a ticket.

Wheelchair users: Platforms of SPaP-LOD are suited to barrier-free access to the vessel, but some transitions between the vessel and platforms for passengers in wheelchairs can be difficult. For individual travelers after notifying in advance, we can provide assistance in getting on board the vessel and leaving it.

Safety on board

  • Passenger check-in and boarding starts 15 minutes before the scheduled departure of the boat and ends simultaneously with a planned departure of the boat. After the limit mentioned hereinabove, passengers are no longer entitled to the cruise without any entitlement to refund or change of reservation.
  • Enquire about the platform and the name of the boat at the travel agency on the day of the cruise.
  • Passengers are entitled to choose a seat. Reservation of seats is not possible.
  • Passengers are obliged to have personal ID (passport, ID) when travelling abroad.
  • Passengers are obliged to respect the instructions and orders of the crew of the vessel, which strives to ensure his safety and the safety of other passengers or the safety and continuity of operation of the vessel.
  • The captain is entitled to exclude the transport of persons who are under the influence of alcohol and other drugs or their behavior offends public or can threaten order, property located on board of the vessel or the life and health of passengers and the crew members.

Vis Maior

In the event of timetable alterations due to vis maior (unfavorable water conditions, low water levels, fog), technical reasons (boat, lock chambers) or halting cruises on the Danube by responsible authorities we will secure for the passenger:

a/ alternative trasportation
b/ when he does not travel, we return the total fare or offer substitute date

Reimbursement of damages caused to the carrier

The passenger who has caused damage to the carrier has to make up for it to full extend.


The SPaP-LOD has compulsory liability insurance.


All prices include VAT.

The SPaP - LOD, joint-stock company reserves the right to change the prices, terms and programmes, in respect of information not available at the closing time of Ship‘s schedule 2018.